Our Vision for Providence

The Providence Foundation's work is guided by a shared vision of downtown Providence. We envision a city built to welcome new residents and businesses, and be positioned to succeed and adapt. 

This is how we imagine our future. 



The city is a leader in entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative business opportunities. Visionary leaders find a platform for promising ventures, which are supported by a talented and adaptable workforce. 


We support our world renowned culture.

The institutions, artists, and thought leaders that we support, and the traditions that we embrace and preserve, all provide opportunities for meaningful civic participation. Downtown’s energy and vibrancy is nurtured, valued, and stewarded by the community.


We care for our engaging civic realm.

Urban design is innovative and sustainable and builds on the sense of place and creative energy that is unique to Providence. Pedestrian friendly streets and a series of well designed public spaces create the structure and form around which the city continues to develop.


We celebrate our mobility.

Providence’s transportation options offer accessibility, freedom and equity to people of all incomes and abilities. Transit oriented developments at transportation hubs and along transit corridors have created remarkable mixed‐use neighborhoods. Vibrant public spaces restore connections between the downtown, surrounding neighborhoods and the metropolitan region.


We value and educate our youth.

Our institutions support the creation and retention of a talented work force, helping to strengthen the metropolitan region. The educational process is seamlessly blended into all sectors of the city via internships, mentoring, and collaborative projects.


We are a leader in sustainable practices.

The city is a small scale model of energy efficiency, using alternative and renewable resources, developing urban agriculture, and following prudent waste reduction and pollution prevention practices.


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The Foundation has been an irreplaceable partner in helping move Providence forward. - Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza